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See our story here.  Thank you Mark D Focis Brown!

It all started with Ronaldo.... In 2007, he was 10 years old.  Perhaps we should call this "The Ronaldo Effect".... He had a best friend named Eric, and then they came to know Johan on the soccer fields at Jonquil Park in Smyrna.  So we had the 3 musketeers...

It was obvious that Ronaldo was guided by an inner strength and much wisdom.  He directed Maria to kids that wanted and needed some help along the way.  He was and is very discerning.

The Echo Effect was "born" the summer of 2008.  The fall of 2008, Cumberland Community Church agreed to open their doors.  Our first evening in September, 5 kids came and it just felt great!  Joel said "one day we will fill this place", and he was right.

We have been through some growing pains, with much learning and praying.  By the end of the 2012 school year, well over 100 kids and youth have come through our doors.  For the past 3 years, around 50-60 children and youth come regularly each week.  Most have been with us for at least 2 years.  We are at capacity with the current number of volunteers and available space.

We are blessed to have the most amazing volunteers but we always need more.  Many lasting connections have been built over the years, even as volunteers and kids move.  

Thanks to CCC, we have use of two 15 passenger vans.  And we fill 3 rooms to the brim.

In 2012, we started becoming more involved in immigration reform advocacy.  In order to fully support a child, we realized we needed to do more than "homework help" and a place to come twice a week.  On that note, we are also providing family supports as well, when various needs arise.

We continue to be 100% volunteer based, operating on a zero budget.  But somehow, we always have what we need, including food, snacks, and school supplies.  We tend to believe that God is our provider...

Please join our journey, our family, and invest in our future.....








The idea of The Echo Effect started with a
few 11 year old boys. 
Great kids who needed some help
along the way

Join us as we  grow

These boys are now 16 and in High School.

Success Story

There are many stories to tell, but a good example is Jose - Student of the Month at Argyle Elementary School.

When Jose first came to Echo fall 2009, he was a VERY active young man who did not listen to direction and showed very little respect in general.  I used to wonder if he would make it, and I can be a sometimes overly patient "mom"... 

This spring, he achieved this honor.  The ceremony was attended by one of our Echo volunteers, Ralph.  Since Jose's parents had to work, they were not able to make it.  The only adult there other than his teachers, was Ralph.

This young man is now in 8th grade, loves soccer, and is preparing for high school!

We are affiliated with

Cumberland Community Church
3110 Sports Avenue
Smyrna, GA  30080
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